The gourmet bouquet of El Farallón; Culiacan Sinaloa Food Scene


I had decided, as input, for the avocado stuffed with shrimp, aware that with this fruit there is no risk, both for its hazelnut flavor and its creamy texture, so it goes well with all protein, except that, for greenery or ripening, was not suitable for consumption. But the one brought to the table was at once, firm and soft at the same time, caressing the palate, combining perfectly with shrimp in small pieces, bathed in mayonnaise dressing and celery brunoise, this stem with intense flavor and crispy texture that came to exalt, with friction of freshness, the whole dish. But the supervisor Luis Rivas came to offer me one more entry, so splendid, that I could not resist tasting what in the letter called Tuna Tostada Alegria.

 And literal: it was an explosion of flavors, a triumph of the kitchen of El Farallón, the kind of snacks that remains imprinted in the memory, similar to those dreams where the sweet, salty, bitter and acid are balanced in perfect balance, what would not be proper to indicate that it was a tuna cevichada, when in fact it was a pleasant party, with the presence of cucumber brunoise, red pepper, tomato, and purple onion, with the bath of an enigmatic tiger milk, this is, a sauce with ginger, soy, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil, plus the black and natural sesame topping, all placed on a wonton tortilla (made from wheat flour and egg dough), of oriental origin.

 I still celebrated Tuna Tostada alegría, when they brought me the Filete a la Miel with banana and pumpkin, which – very much in the English style – was served by Cuauhtémoc Landell, another of the excellent supervisors of El Farallón. I must say that the fillet was fish ‘goat’, white meat and mild flavor, very well chosen to enhance the honey sauce with touches of ginger and brown sugar, accommodated in sheets of banana and pumpkin, with lettuce topping cool He drank a glass of red, after tasting the strong dish, when Landell himself, in a service to the Russian, was placed next to the table after a war and with spectacular skill prepared to prepare the dessert, which consisted in blades of flamed banana, adhesion of cherries and other fruits, served on a bed of chantillí, More carafe vanilla snow to accompany. A delight

It was a memorable experience. Real. This has given me grounds to establish that there is no misunderstanding: Sinaloa is not only distinguished by the high quality of its fish and seafood, but also by the presence of excellent restaurants, such as El Farallón, with a splendid service, where the staff he goes out of his way so that the diners can stay not only with a good taste in their mouth but also in spirit, because their kitchen stays engraved in their papillae; while the way they treat you, allows you to feel happy and for the soul to recreate itself.

Of course, it has an accumulated knowledge of years (more than 50), with enough gourmet bouquet to flatter palates.

 El Farallón Restaurant, in Culiacán, is located on Boulevard Enrique Sánchez Alonso 2077, in the Tres Ríos Urban Development. Build your route and do not miss visiting it, where you will also be enchanted with its contemporary design ambiance. And that’s it. Write me: [email protected]

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