Sinaloa and Durango Top beef producers in Northern Mexico


According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (Sagarpa), between January and September of this year, the production of beef in the country is one million 459 thousand 299 tons.

In regard to the north of Mexico, only Sinaloa maintains a production superior to that of Durango, with a difference not very significant.

For now, the main producer of beef in Mexico, is #1 Veracruz, with a total of 193,121 tons, during the first nine months of 2018.

It is followed by the state of #2 Jalisco, a state in which a production of 175 thousand 271 tons is reported during the referred period.

In third place is San Luis Potosí, where the production of beef is 89 thousand 235 tons.

Then there is the state of #4 Chiapas, where the production of this food is 77,696 tons.

The fifth site is Sinaloa, where a production of 76 thousand 424 tons is reported.

Meanwhile, in sixth place is the state of Durango, with a production of 72 thousand 578 tons of beef.


As you can see, Durango competes very closely with the states identified as fourth and fifth in the production of this red meat

The amount of meat contributed by these six states is equivalent to 47 percent of the national total.

Meanwhile, the Durango entity alone contributes 5 percent of the total at the country level.

In Durango, during January meat production was 8,416 tons, in February there were 8,033 tons, in March it was 7,987 tons, in April 7,038 tons, in May 7,191 tons, in June 7 thousand 862, in July of seven thousand 801, in August of eight thousand 202 and in September of eight thousand 527.

Beef is one of the foods that are in the taste of Mexicans, with a per capita consumption of 14.8 kilograms per year.


The Mazatlan Post