Innovations in Sinaloa remain in laboratories


In Sinaloa, the greatest research and innovation effort is applied in the agricultural area.

In terms of research and innovation, Sinaloa ranks number 17, so there is still much to be done to encourage the creation of young students.

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With those words, Carlos Karam, general director of the Institute of Support for Research and Innovation (Inapi) announced that Sinaloa has launched a strategy to promote the creation of new projects in schools that may lead to new businesses.
He said that the innovation efforts of the Sinaloans and their projects are staying in the laboratories.
“We need to stimulate researchers and release their knowledge and discoveries so that they materialize and transfer”

For this, he said, it is very important that innovators know the processes for the registration of intellectual property, in addition to the advice to plan, materialize and then offer their knowledge.

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That is precisely one of the main topics of the international intellectual property symposium EmpresipMX 2018, which began yesterday at the convention center.

Karam commented that in Sinaloa, the greatest research and innovation effort is applied in the agricultural area, but also in health and food biotechnology.

However, he pointed out that agriculture is the area with the greatest potential because Sinaloa is the leading exporter of grains and vegetables. Now we want to become the first agrotransformers.

That is to say that they look for agricultural products to be industrialized and given an added value in the entity.

He added that Sinaloa is among the first 12 states in the country, which protect its intellectual properties.

By: Jorge Luis Lozano