Mexican researchers at IPN and Cinestav create residential wind turbine


This prototype has the capacity to produce 800 watts of power.

Researchers at the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) have developed a residential wind turbine prototype, which has a double-vane design and has the capacity to produce 800 watts at 12-15 m / s.

IPN creates residential wind turbine

This prototype was tested in the wind tunnel responsible for generating the National Air Speed Pattern, and is designed to operate in a complementary way to solar heaters and thus reduce the consumption of non-renewable electricity.

IPN creates residential wind turbine

According to Dr. José Antonio Urbano Castelán, professor at the Center for Research and Advanced Studies (Cinestav) – which was also part of the project – this prototype has an innovative mechanical and structural design, and is planned to work with the wind of the high areas of the Valley of Mexico and the national territory in general.

IPN creates residential wind turbine

This wind turbine is still in the final phase of the design, but once the tests have been completed, they expect to begin commercial production, so that wind flows to generate energy in the residences are maximized.

The double-vane turbine works with a single rotor, unlike the products that already exist in the market, which makes it more efficient, since it demands less energy and produces more.

IPN creates residential wind turbine

Finally, it is important to remember the relevance of this type of projects, since the production and consumption of energy contribute two thirds of the emission of greenhouse gases, which are largely caused by the burning of fossil fuels used in the generation of electrical energy, so it is important to start using green energies for our sake and that of the planet.

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