MAZATLAN’S PACIFIC PEARL Print and Online celebrates 26th years serving the Mazatlan community


Congratulations to Mike Veselik, Silvia Mora, & all the staff at the Pacific Pearl Newspaper for their recent 26th anniversary! Mike has resided in Mazatlán for over 50 years and has been making awesome contributions to the city and community with the Pacific Pearl Newspaper. The Pearl has been informing US and Canadian expats, locals, and visitors to Mazatlán for the last 26 years. Providing resources about what to do, where to eat, maps, where to go, what to do, and other interesting commentaries on a wide array of relative topics. Pacific Pearl is distributed in print as well as having online versions available. Check it out at or pick up a copy at one of many outlets throughout the city.


Pick up you’re new Issue at the following locations

1 Angela Peralta Theater Box Office Centro Histórico
2 Casa de Leyendas Hotel Centro Histórico
3 Cultura Office Centro Histórico
4 The Jonathon Boutique Hotel Centro Histórico
5 Macaws Centro Histórico
6 Nidart Gallery Centro Histórico
7 Pedro y Lola Restaurant Centro Histórico
8 San Francisco Quilt Shop Centro Histórico
9 The Melville Boutique Hotel Hotel Centro Histórico
10 Athina Spa Centro Histórico
11 Holiday Bazaar across from Topolo’s Rest. Centro
12 European Sausage Kitchen Centro
13 Casa Lucila Hotel Boutique Olas Altas
14 La Siesta Hotel Olas Altas
15 Looney Bean Coffee Roasters Olas Altas
16 Posada Freeman Hotel Olas Altas
17 Vue Condos Olas Altas
18 Aguamarina Hotel Malecón
19 Coral Island Hotel & Spa Malecón
20 Hotel Don Pelayo Pacific Beach Malecón
21 Galería Optica Malecón
22 La Paloma Condominios Malecón
23 Las Gavias Condos Malecón
24 Paradise Bay Grand Condominios Malecón
25 Twisted Mama’s Restaurant & Bar Malecón
26 Alicia’s Seamstress Golden Zone
27 American Consulate Office Golden Zone
28 Azteca Inn Hotel Golden Zone
29 Casa Contenta Condos Golden Zone
30 El Arte Jewerly Store Golden Zone
31 Marley Motel Golden Zone
32 Playa Mazatlan Hotel Golden Zone
33 La Capilla Restaurant & Bar Golden Zone
34 Las Flores Hotel Golden Zone
35 Quality Inn Mazatlán Hotel Golden Zone
36 MARGARITAS Restaurant Bar & Grill Golden Zone
37 Lindamar Suites Golden Zone
38 Friends Diner Golden Zone
39 Bungalows Mar- Sol North Golden Zone
40 Carlos & Lucia´s Restaurant-Bar & Grill North Golden Zone
41 Costa De Oro Beach Hotel North Golden Zone
42 El Cid Hotel & Golf Course Club House North Golden Zone
43 The Inn at Mazatlan Resort & Spa North Golden Zone
44 International Massage North Golden Zone
45 Islas del Sol Hotel North Golden Zone
46 El Delfín Jewerly Store North Golden Zone
47 La Casa del Camarón Shrimp & Beer North Golden Zone
48 La Catrina Restaurant & Bar North Golden Zone
49 La Palapa del Mar Rest. North Golden Zone
50 La Costa Medical Dr. Velarde North Golden Zone
51 Las Gavias Condos North Golden Zone
52 Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan Beach Resort North Golden Zone
53 Luna Palace & Suites Hotel North Golden Zone
54 Oceano Palace Hotel North Golden Zone
55 Sky Palace Hotel Boutique North Golden Zone
56 Pacific Palace Beach Tower Hotel North Golden Zone
57 The Palms Resort of Mazatlan North Golden Zone
58 Puesta Del Sol Marina Mazatlan Condos North Golden Zone
59 Rico’s Café North Golden Zone
60 Royal Villas Resort North Golden Zone
61 San Fernando RV and Camping Park North Golden Zone
62 El Rincón de Nasha Restaurant North Golden Zone
63 Solamar Inn Hotel North Golden Zone
64 Sombrero Hotel & Rest. North Golden Zone
65 Super Scorpio II (Fte. Htl.Pueblo Bonito) North Golden Zone
66 Condo Cid Tenerife North Golden Zone
67 Canadian Consulate Office Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
68 Hacienda Blue Bay Hotel Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
69 CanAmerican International Real Estate Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
70 Cerritos Resort Hotel Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
71 Costa Bonita Condos & Beach Resort I Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
72 Costa Bonita Condos & Beach Resort II Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
73 Villas El Rancho Green Resort Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
74 La Marina Tennis Club Condo Rental Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
75 La Ventanna Condominiums Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
76 Las Jaibas RV and Trailer Park Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
77 Looney Bean Coffee Cerritos Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
78 Marina Costa Bonita Condominiums Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
79 Costa Veleros Marina Condominium Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
80 Marina del Rey Beach Club Hotel Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
81 Marina Gardens Residencial Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
82 Marina Garden Villas Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
83 Marina Mazatlan Boat Sales Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
84 Marina Mazatlan Golf Course Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
85 Marina Puesta del Sol Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
86 Mayan Sea Garden Hotel Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
87 Harbor Master Marina Mazatlan Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
88 Playa Bruja / Mr. Lionso Rest. Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
89 Playa Escondida Condominiums Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
90 Portofino Condominiums Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
91 Puerto Escondido Condominiums Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
92 Punta Cerritos RV Park Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
93 Punta Marina Condominiums Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
94 Quintas del Mar I Condominium Resorts Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
95 Quintas del Mar II Condominium Resorts Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
96 Reasons Salon Spa Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
97 Marina Kelly Residecial Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
98 Rico’s Café – Marina Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
99 Surf’s Up Beach Café Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
100 RIU Hotel & Resort Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
101 Solaria Tower Condos Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
102 Tiara Sands Condos Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
103 Torre Playa Dorada Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
104 Torres Mazatlan Resort Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
105 Tower 360 Condominiums Marina Mazatlán/Cerritos
106 Estrella Del Mar Golf Condos & Beach Resort Stone Island
107 Las Villas Hotel & Spa en Estrella del Mar Stone Island

By Jed Vaughn and The Mazatlan Post Team