Insecurity, may slow investment in Mexico: Banxico


The most relevant factor that could stop Mexico’s economic growth, according to specialists from 34 analysis groups consulted by the Bank of Mexico, from July 24 to 30, is insecurity, with 16 percent of the responses.

Mexico City (However) .- Economic and financial specialists consulted by the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) in July stated that the main factors that could halt the country’s economic growth are, in order of importance, insecurity, with 16 percent of the survey responses; foreign trade policy, 13 percent; the internal political uncertainty, 12 percent; corruption, 8 percent; the uncertainty about the domestic economic situation, 5 percent; impunity, 5 percent, and the lack of rule of law, 5 percent.

The analysts of 34 economic analysis and consulting groups from the national and foreign private sector, consulted by Banxico between July 24 and 30, mostly stated that the business climate will improve, which means an increase into the June survey. At the same time, the fractions of specialists who believe that the business climate will worsen or will remain the same decreased.


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