NO more plastic straws or bags in Sinaloa


The president of the Commission of Ecology, Misael Sánchez, stressed that a step is taken for a Sinaloa without plastic.

The Deputy of the National Action Party, Esteban García Castro indicated that this Law obliges the Government and the municipalities to promote the elimination of plastic bags.

With the reform of the Environmental Law for the Sustainable Development of the State of Sinaloa, the use of straw and other plastic products will gradually be eradicated.

With this modification, no restaurant will be able to grant straws to its guests, and they will have the obligation to ask their customers if they want them. In addition, supermarkets and convenience stores will be obliged to change plastic bags, for ones of biodegradable material, so the Government and municipalities will have the power to inspect and monitor that this is being fulfilled.

Thematic photo Pixabay (Pixabay themed photo)

In addition to this, your staff should guide citizens about the environmental impact generated by the use of straws, and in case restaurants do not comply with these guidelines, they may be sanctioned.