Sinaloan cuisine, Mexican food crown jewel


Sinaloan cuisine is one of the most delicious Mexican foods, with a unique touch that fills you with pleasure and happiness. If you live here, you are very lucky!

The diversity of flavors, colors and textures are definitely one-of-a-kind. That is why The Mazatlan Post wants to remind you of some of the best dishes of “Cocina Sinaloense“.

Nothing like a weekend to enjoy a delicious fresh shrimp ceviche. If you are in Topolobampo, Las Lajitas, El Jitzámuri, Ohuira, or Mazatlán you know what we’re talking about

And how about some delicious homemade flautitas, did you ever try the ones that sell in downtown Los Mochis? They’re unbelievable!


Obviously you cannot the traditional Tamales of meat or corn (sweet or salty). Sinaloa’s Tamales have a unique flavor…


Nothing like arriving home after an exhausting day of work and enjoy a bowl of good ol’ Sinaloan Charro Beans!

We can´t miss the Pollo Asado, a real tradition in most Sinaloan homes…

To fix yourself a couple of good Quesadillas you do not need to be a chef, right?

The one that will never go out of style is the Red Pozole, its extremely rich flavor, varies depending on what type of meat you use, and the way you cook it. Sinaloan mothers usually treat the family with this delicacy on special ocassioins such as birthday parties.

The burritos in Sinaloa are usually prepared with jumbo-size flour tortillas!

Sinaloan “Barbacoa” is simply one of the most delicious dishes in the whole world …

And we finish the list with Birria. Made famous in Jalisco, but immortal in Sinaloa…

The Mazatlan Post