Tourists refresh themselves in Carpa Olivera


They spend a pleasant moment and at the same time, they mitigate the strong heat.

One of the favorite places for tourists and locals is the Carpa Olivera, a free pool with sea water located in the heart of Olas Altas.
Factors such as the strong heat that has been felt in recent days in the port, cause tourists on their way through the Olas Altas walk to decide to cool off and take a “dip” at that point.
Boys and adults have fun, enjoy the waves of the sea, such is the case of Valente Moreno, who just arrived on Tuesday in Mazatlan and the first thing he did was enjoy that Mazatlan icon.
Valente and his family enjoyed a pleasant moment and to be more comfortable, they prefer to bring chairs and even their table to taste their food: a delicious coconut, ceviche, and refreshing drinks.
Meanwhile, with two days of stay in the port, Víctor Franco, from Aguascalientes, did not let more time pass and decided to visit that point, which is one of the 7 sea pools that exist in the world.
There are those who bathe, play with their ball, others simply make their “pininos” of swimming, the important thing is that the bathers take off the heat and at the same time spend a recreational and leisure time.