Mexican food, adds value to tourism


Many dishes and regions are considered unique thanks to its gastronomy, it is a source of tourist attraction.

The value of Mexican cuisine is unique in the world and is an attraction for tourism, an activity that in 2017 generated 39.7 million international visitors to the country, which means a 68 percent increase compared to the start of the six-year term.

The Ministry of Tourism noted that one factor of interest is the 16 designations of origin of 22 states in the country, 13 are gastronomic, several have regulatory bodies such as tequila, mezcal, and talavera.

The habanero pepper from Yucatan, charanda from Michoacán, mango ataúlfo from Soconusco, among others, are included recently.

Mexico is the sixth most visited country and last year reached a general 21.3 billion dollars in foreign currency, 67 percent more than in 2012.