Two motorcyclists end up in the hospital this weekend


In a first accident, a driver brakes sharply to avoid trampling a woman and falls to the pavement

Motorcyclist skied on Avenida La Marina and Rafael Buelna.  Photo: Roberto Gil (THE DEBATE)

Two motorcyclists were injured in two different events that occurred on Saturday morning in different areas of the city, with a few minutes difference.

In the morning

The first incident occurred at 07:00 hours on José María Pino Suárez Avenue, at the height of the Azteca colony, before reaching the train tracks.

According to information gathered, the motorcyclist was riding on the mentioned avenue, and a woman crossed over the road to get on the truck, which was in the other lane.

To avoid trampling on the female, the motorcyclist stopped abruptly, turned onto the curb and fell on the pavement.

Red Cross paramedics came to help him. The young man presented a possible fracture in the right foot.


Later, another Red Cross ambulance went to help a motorcyclist who skidded in the colony Leopoldo Sánchez Celis.

The incident occurred at the intersection of La Marina and Rafael Buelna avenues, in front of a hamburger restaurant and a wholesale store for household items.

Witnesses who passed the place said that the motorcyclist suddenly lost control of his unit and was left lying on the asphalt, a few meters from his motorcycle.

Both motorcyclists were taken to the hospital to be seen by medical specialists.