Rescue of homeless children living in streets

The association has four breakfast tables and daily assists more than 200 children, with a menu prepared by a nutritionist

Culaicán, Sinaloa.- Currently, the capital of Sinaloa has around 500 children who are at risk of street situations, said Ericka Castro , general director of Inpanic IAP.

It should be noted that these children are in the different marginalized neighborhoods of the city’s periphery, which due to their conditions of extreme poverty are in danger of ending up in the streets.

In this sense, he pointed out that one of the situations that lead children to work in the streets is the need for an income and they leave school because they do not see any financial retribution.


More than 40 percent of children who do not attend school are on the streets, sell fruit or sweets; besides performing juggling acts and cleaning windshields in the main cruises of Culiacán.

Despite this, Ericka Castro said that in Inpanic they make tours of the city in order to rescue these children. Once detected, they take them to social workers and psychologists, approaching the places where they live to know the problem about why they leave school to work in the streets.

: Our mission is to comprehensively protect all these children who go out to work in the streets.

Support for

The director of Inpanic explained that once the link with the children is created, they integrate them into programs, especially in the educational field, and they are provided with the necessary tools to attend schools, such as supplies, backpacks, school shoes, scholarships, and uniforms.

He also stressed that within the support they provide there is a quality of life workshops for mothers, as they are the core of the family. They teach courses for children, such as painting, music, and dance, with the aim of instructing them to a better quality of life. 

The noble work supports families from marginalized areas, such as the Progreso neighborhood, Las Coloradas, San Benito Extension, among others. With these activities, the association is added so that children in street situations decrease each day.