Police chief injured in attempted robbery in Mazatlán, Sinaloa

Reportan un policía herido de bala tras presunto asalto en Sinaloa. Foto: Archivo

In an apparent robbery attempt outside a business located in the Valles del Ejido neighborhood, in the city of Mazatlán, a municipal police commander named Jesús Guadalupe, assigned to the municipality of Villa Unión, was shot in the abdomen.

According to the initial report, the police chief, who was on his day off, in the company of his wife, went shopping, when a young man got off a motorcycle and threatened them to give him money and valuables, so the commander tried to disarm him and the struggle resulted in the gun going off.

Upon seeing the commander fall, who was found dressed in civilian clothes, the alleged thief fled the scene on board his motorcycle, while the injured man was taken in a private vehicle to a nearby medical clinic.

The Mazatlán Municipal Police, after identifying the commander, assigned to the Villa Unión municipality, set up a search operation for the alleged aggressor, without being able to locate him, so the incident was reported to the State Attorney General’s Office.

Source: eluniversal