Mazatlán will carry out a massive tree planting activity on July 11


The activity is to combat desertification and climate change.

Mazatlán, Sin. -Mazatlán is projected for massive tree planting on July 11 with the planting of more than 3,300 specimens, with the aim of combating desertification and climate change that prevails throughout the planet, reported Eunice Murúa Figueroa.

The director of Ecology and Environment said that this activity is part of the arborization that will be carried out throughout the state with 70 thousand specimens of native vegetation species of trees that were produced in nurseries in the south of Sinaloa, which are distributed to all the municipalities.

He announced that the massive tree planting that will take place on Arbor Day in Mexico will be headed by the Governor, Rubén Rocha Moya, who issued instructions to the Secretariat of Welfare and Sustainable Development of Sinaloa directed by María Inés Pérez Corral, who has managed around of 70 thousand copies that will be distributed to all municipalities to carry out the event simultaneously in the localities.

“Through the departments of Ecology and the entire Municipality of Mazatlán, this activity is being carried out, we are carrying out this activity in coordination with the Directorate of Public Services and other departments in cooperation, we are carrying out this activity on the instructions of the Governor,” he commented.

He specified that to address the task with an excellent response, he held a meeting on this strategic planning with members of the Municipal Council for Sustainable Development (COMUDES), which is made up of specialists, forestry engineers, biologists, pedagogues and specialists in sustainable development who carry out a search exhaustive biographical information where the trees will be planted.

He indicated that the method they are planning is called nature-based solutions and is to be able to revegetate the city, plant trees in the city and spaces that are arid to combat desertification, to combat the effects of climate change, heat islands and improve the quality of life of those of us who live in the city of Mazatlán.

Murúa Figueroa, invited citizens in Mazatlán to be part of this activity on July 11 starting at 9 in the morning, the location of the event is to be defined in the coming days.

Source- OEM

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