Environmentalists recommend that the municipality not cement the streams that pass through the city of Mazatlán

Ambientalistas recomiendan al municipio no encementar arroyos que pasan por la ciudad de Mazatlán

The rainy season has arrived and with it the cleaning of canals, streams and flows that are in the port so that when it rains the water does not reach the houses, but they are also replacing some cement slabs in the streams that were torn off by the strong currents during the past rains, but the municipality will try not to cement new storm channels or streams.

The mayor, Edgar González Zatarain, said that environmentalists have recommended that the streams or flows of the port of Mazatlán not be cemented so that the water has a better absorption and thus avoid flooding in the surrounding neighborhoods where the stream passes.

“Today’s recommendation, both from environmentalists and the environmental department, is that it is not mandatory, it is not a law, but they recommend that we do not cement the canals, because even, curiously, the people of Urías can tell you, because there is no water absorption and when they cement the water reaches a higher speed that causes more damage and since it does not absorb, it is not a sponge, what it does is that the amount of water overflows the canal, there is no absorption, the volume is greater, they have not explained it much, they have not asked us to avoid cementing.”

He also revealed that the only thing they do is replace the cement slabs that collapsed due to heavy rains, but they are avoiding cementing other places.

The mayor said that in some colonies they have told him that after cementing the stream that is near their houses, when it rains heavily, they easily flood because the water is not consumed in the ground, that is why they will avoid cementing more flows in the city.

Source: losnoticieros