In Mazatlán there is freedom of expression, but it is not acceptable to attack private property: Mayor


Édgar González Zatarain affirms that those who reject the installation of the zip line at the Lighthouse are lying when they say that Cerro del Crestón is being privatized

Cerro de El Crestón

Freedom of expression and the right to protest are guaranteed in Mazatlán, but what is not acceptable is that private property is attacked, said Mayor Edgar González Zataráin when speaking about the protests that the Collective in Defense of El Faro has carried out.

He mentioned that this group that is demonstrating to protect the Cerro de El Crestón only dedicates itself to making noise, to making demands, but its members have not been seen carrying out actions in favor of the environment with activities such as reforestation or cleaning of natural areas.

However, he reiterated that he respects their expressions.

“That is something else, one thing is that you demonstrate, that you demand, that you go through legal means, that you go and stand up, it doesn’t matter. Here freedom of expression is respected and the freedom of free demonstration is the same, but what is not acceptable is that you attack private property, (El Observatorio 1873) is not a public building.”

González Zataráin pointed out that the group constantly mentions that the Cerro del Crestón was privatized, when of this attraction that is already part of the Administration of the Port System in Mazatlán, only 60 square meters were granted for the construction of the zip line.

Likewise, he rejected the risk that over time the Asipona could prohibit access to the lighthouse, under the argument that visitors are causing some damage to the flora or fauna that inhabits the place, since the decree indicates that the hill is for recreational and tourist use.

“It cannot be prohibited, because it depends on the use you are going to give it. Asipona has many and Rear Admiral Mariel (Ancona, head of the Asipona) said that many uses can be given to the spaces, and the use that is being given there is recreational and tourist. You do not have to close it, if it were for logistics, for port operations, well, it is another thing, but it is a total opening to tourism.”

The mayor commented that Cerro del Crestón is already in the hands of the Federal Government and that the Mazatlán City Council works in a coordinated manner with government institutions at all three levels and will do so with Asipona, so it makes no sense for him to protest against it.

Source: lineadirectaportal