When will the new zip line in Mazatlán that will pass over the sea open?


The port is preparing a new attraction that will pass over the sea between two emblematic hills.

It seems that the total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8, will not be the only major attraction in Mazatlán in 2024. During the 48th edition of the Mexico Tourism Fair —which is taking place from April 9 to 12 in Acapulco—, authorities from the Sinaloan port announced that the destination will have a very long zip line, and it is expected to be inaugurated soon.

If you like strong emotions and want to launch yourself to the Sinaloan port to slide on a cable at a great height, here we tell you what is known so far.

According to Mariel Aquileo Ancona Infanzón, general director of the National Port System Administration Mazatlán (Asipona), the creation of a zip line was proposed by the entrepreneur Amado Guzmán Reynaud 7 years ago.

It just began construction last December, as it was under review and study by the authorities. However, it already has all the corresponding government permits at the national level (for example, from Semarnat).

To date, they are waiting to obtain certification from an American company expert in safety and international standards in this type of attractions, with the aim of guaranteeing the safety of all visitors.

The new Mazatlán zip line will be similar to the famous Xtasea in Acapulco, the longest zip line in the world over the sea (which, by the way, is temporarily closed due to damage caused by Hurricane Otis).

It was reported that it will start from Cerro del Crestón, home of the iconic Mazatlán Lighthouse and the Faro Mazatlán Natural Park (with its glass lookout), to Cerro del Vigía, a site that houses the 1873 Mazatlán Observatory.

In a ‘superman’ style (face down and with arms and legs extended) it will cover 1,265 meters in length, at heights between 60 and 160 meters, and much of it will be over the sea. It is expected to reach speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour.

Due to the construction of the zip line, the Faro Mazatlán Natural Park informed through its social networks that the glass lookout was temporarily closed to the public as of April 5.

The reopening date “will be determined by the technical opinion that will be processed before Civil Protection,” a statement dictates. This closure is due to the fact that drilling is being carried out on Cerro del Crestón to install the new attraction.

The works increase the risk of landslides and rock falls, so it is not safe to access the lookout while the zip line is being built.

When will the new zip line over the sea in Mazatlán be inaugurated?
Although no official date has been announced for the inauguration, everything is expected to be ready in the summer of this year, between June and July. So far, there is no additional information on the cost and schedules of the new zip line.

Source: El Universal