“The Long-Range Patrol Vessel ‘Benito Juárez’ of the Navy is in Mazatlán and can be visited this Tuesday


The Long-Range Patrol Vessel ‘Benito Juárez’ of the Secretariat of the Mexican Navy, one of the newest and most modern vessels, is docked in Mazatlán this Tuesday, April 9, and according to Mayor Édgar González Zataráin, it is open to the general public today until 18:00 hours.

González Zataráin visited the vessel this Tuesday morning at the piers of the National Port System Administration in Mazatlán.

During his tour, he had the opportunity to see the command center, control bridges, meeting rooms, dining rooms, and other spaces of this vessel that the general public can visit in the port.

‘It is impressive, the most important thing is that it was built in Mexico in a record time of 18 months, it is going to be four years in operation, but it is a vessel that impacts, I was shocked because those vessels no longer have a rudder, they have nothing, it is a mouse with which you move the ships,’ said González Zataráin in an interview after the visit around 8:30 am, at which time it was said to the staff of this newspaper that there was no authorization for the press to enter.

‘The control bridges are formidable, the meeting rooms, the dining rooms all brand new, impeccable, there is a crew from Mazatlán, doctors, and some other workers from Mazatlán.’

The Mayor pointed out that the general public can visit the ship this Monday until 18:00 hours, as tomorrow early it will set sail from Mazatlán to other ports on its tour of the country, where the ship performs aerial and maritime reconnaissance logistics with cutting-edge technology.

He added that the SEMAR is calling for more young people who want to join to study and work.

‘But yes, there is already a doctor, a young man, an engineer who can serve them, they hire them, it is from the Secretariat of the Navy, it is the best ship that the Secretariat of the Navy has, it is the best, the newest and the largest and the most equipped,’ emphasized the Municipal President.

He also said that the Patrol Vessel in question makes a visit to the ports and performs their aerial and maritime reconnaissance logistics, a complete job, it is an information center that generates that ship.

The aforementioned vessel will set sail very early on Wednesday, he continued.”

Source: Noreste