It’s official! Free parking spaces in Mazatlán’s Historic Center


Authorities announce a restructuring in the roads of the Mazatlán City Center.

MAZATLAN.- The white lines are already a reality! This morning city hall staff replaced all the parking spaces that were yellow with white paint, as reported by Mayor Édgar Augusto González Zataráin.  

This change did not happen overnight, but a study was carried out in which Municipal Transit and Public Works participated to see which spaces were viable to free up. 

The municipal president stressed that the spaces they released will not harm the flow of vehicles, nor will they interfere with the good circulation of urban transport or motorists. 

“We made this change at the request of many merchants, many businesses were about to close as a result of there being no parking space. They are dead spaces that were not used and the purpose is to take advantage of them”. 

Spaces that were enabled 

– 21 de Marzo, entre Guillermo Nelson y 5 de Mayo  

– 5 de Mayo, entre Ángel Flores y 21 de Marzo  

– Ángel Flores, entre 5 de Mayo y Benito Juárez  

– Bahía de Leandro Valle, entre Aquiles Serdán y Benito Juárez  

– Bahía de Melchor Ocampo, entre Benito Juárez y Aquiles Serdán  

– Leandro Valle, entre Benito Juárez y Guillermo Nelson 

– Leandro Valle, entre Guillermo Nelson y 5 de Mayo  

– Carnaval, entre Escobedo y Constitución  

– Bahía de Olas Altas y Constitución

Photos: Rosina Grave

For his part, the municipal transit commander, Jorge Samuel Alvarado Ilustre, indicated that the area in front of Plazuela República will have an exclusive schedule to allow trucks that transport cruise passengers to park in the area, but beware, this will only be on days of cruise. 

There will be a restructuring of roads 

The downtown area will not be the only one to benefit, but changes will also be made in the Benito Juárez and Zona Dorada neighborhoods, especially where the taxi stands and returns blocked with sidewalks. 


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