Mexican Revolution; the day Mazatlán was bombed


Currently, the place that was bombed has a plaque: “site of aerial bombing, May 6, 1914”. Do you know it?

MAZATLÁN. – There is no doubt that Mazatlán has many stories, but the one we are going to tell you next is one of the best. Did you know that on May 6, 1914, Mazatlán became the first city in Latin America and the second in the world to be bombed from the air?

Yes, it was the times of the Mexican Revolution. The plane was a biplane that the revolutionaries brought, at first the ship was used to distribute propaganda, but that day was different.

The plane was equipped to bomb a military post that was on the Cerro de la Nevería and in the movement that was heading there, something happened in the plane and one of the bombs fell and fell in the center of the city. The bomb fell on the corner of what are now Carnaval and Canizález streets.

According to information from the Historical Archive of Mazatlán, this accident caused the death of 4 people, although some say there were more. That part of the city was devastated and with many people injured.

But that was not all, throwing the bomb by mistake was only the beginning because then the revolutionaries entered, took the city in a violent way. There was a very strong battle in the Center that culminated in Olas Altas; there were trials and executions.

The biplane

The ship was called Sonora and later it was called “The Blue Bird”. Inside, instead of advertising, it carried a pair of bombs made in Navolato, according to the story, especially for this attack on the Reynaldo Díaz fort, on the Cerro de la Nevería.

Currently, the place that was bombed has a plaque: site of aerial bombing, May 6, 1914. Do you know it?

Fact of the Mexican Revolution

On April 4, 1914, the first naval attack in the world was recorded, attacking from the air the gunboat Morelos, making it flee from the scene, although there are journalistic articles in Guaymas about a first naval attack in this port, being the pilot Mansson, but history does not record that fact.

Source: Punto