Eco-Friendly Digital Shift: Industries with Positive Online Impact on the Environment


Most of us have played a part in global warming. Whether it was one time that you threw a plastic bottle out or even not speaking up when your friends or family did the same. Regardless, there’s no better time to make up for our mistakes and re-work the damage we’ve done.

As individuals, this is hectic and a lot of work. Luckily, several industries are teaming up to positively impact the environment and cause greater change. In this blog post, we’ll discuss these industries and the measures they’re taking to protect our environment.

Live Gaming, Online Tournaments, and Esports

Online gaming and esports have quickly replaced the need for game enthusiasts to gather in one location. If the first one allows to gamble by just using cryptocurrencies at a Bitcoin online casino, Esports, on the other hand, enables people to stay at home and watch their favorite players compete in tournaments.

Online casinos have also stepped up to organize online tournaments for gamers. This has helped to reduce expenses for gambling companies since they don’t need to invest in physical infrastructure.

As a gamer, here are some of the benefits you can get from attending online tournaments organized by casinos:

  • Comfort: You’ll get the chance to participate in the same contests without leaving your home.
  • No Traffic Congestion: Instead of trying to beat traffic on your way to the casino, you can save commute time and get the same benefits as you would in a physical tournament.
  • Reduced Transport Costs: Online tournaments help you save transport money that you would have used to get to the casino.
  • Fewer Carbon Emissions: Since fewer people are traveling to casinos for physical tournaments, there are fewer carbon emissions from cars. Meaning there’s less air pollution and traffic congestion than there would have been if everyone had to physically go to the casinos.

Publish Digitally, Read Digitally

People have loved stories as long as we’ve known. It’s not a secret that the experiences of other people are pretty much helpful for others, not to make the same mistakes, or if that’s a good thing, then learn some lessons. Hence, many entrepreneurs and companies have always promoted reading as a useful necessity. However, there is data for companies and individual authors to take into account before publishing a book.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency,  in the early 2000s, the U.S.A. produced roughly  87.7 million tons of paper waste. This high figure was mainly because of the rise in deforestation. At that time, millions of trees were being cut down, and people were destroying several forests.

Not surprisingly, the consequences have since included disruption of rain patterns, soil erosion, and destruction of animal habitat.  We’ve seen in the news cases of wildlife appearing in suburban areas. Luckily, the paper waste decreased from 87.7 million tons to 67.4 million tons in 2018 when digital printing and publishing started picking up. This digital shift has reduced the cutting down of trees for paper in the U.S. and around the world.

Because of the rise in digital publishing and printing, e-books and online magazines have become accessible and more affordable. You don’t have to wait to get a book shipped to you. Alternatively, you can buy it online and read it instantly from any one of your devices.

Don’t Visit: Just Make a Call

Covid-19 hit the world like a wave and disrupted how we interact with each other. We went from visiting our friends, families, and colleagues to only seeing glimpses of them through our smartphone devices. And social gatherings became nonexistent as well.

Throughout 2019 and 2020, people around the world learned how to communicate and maintain friendships and relationships online. And although this was a hard lesson for us to learn, the minimal movement did wonders for our environment.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, when flights were reduced during the lockdown, the air pollution level dropped by 46.7% in the first seven months of 2020 in several countries. This led to clear skies and better air quality.

Now that we’re out of the COVID-19 lockdown, we have returned to social settings, and we can travel from country to country. Let’s remember to continue reducing our carbon footprint. Instead of organizing physical meetings, try to set up virtual meetings and remote work setups. This can help to contribute to a healthier environment if your means of visiting involves transport.

To Sum Up

Being able to positively affect the environment will take the effort of everyone. Many industries recognize this need, and that’s why they are actively working towards positively impacting our environment. However, they can’t do it alone. It takes a team effort from both individuals and these industries to create a positive change.

Engaging in more digital activities could have a positive effect on the globe. This can be achieved by watching Esports tournaments, buying eBooks rather than physical copies, and having virtual meetings. Everyone can do their bit for the environment in one way or another.