DIF Mazatlán attends up to 5 reports of abandonment of senior adults per month 


MAZATLAN. – In Mazatlán, between 4 and 5 reports of cases of abandonment of older adults or grandparents are presented monthly, as revealed by María Teresa Apodaca Muñoz, president of DIF Mazatlán. 

These reports cover situations of abuse, abandonment, dispossession, as well as legal advice and psychological support necessary to care for the adults in question. 

Apodaca Muñoz highlighted that the DIF Mazatlán has a Care Unit for the Elderly made up of a lawyer, nurse and social workers. This unit is in charge of treating and following up on the various cases. 

“Approximately 4 to 5 cases of abandonment or mistreatment of the elderly are reported per month. Let the public know that we have this unit to provide the necessary assistance.” 

The DIF president pointed out that, once the report is received, other relatives are sought who can take care of the grandparents, but if no one is found, they are transferred to a temporary shelter. 

She highlighted that currently, 15 older adults are housed in the DIF Mazatlán shelter known as “Corazón Eterno”. This shelter provides protection while legal and administrative proceedings are resolved. 

“A support network is established, relatives who can take responsibility are sought, and if this is not possible, a shelter is found for them. We have one, but its capacity is limited to 15 seniors. 

She added that one of the first steps is to file a complaint, but sometimes grandparents choose not to do so out of affection for their relatives, which can make it difficult for authorities to follow up effectively. 

In addition to these efforts, she commented that they have sought programs to support the most vulnerable older adults. This includes direct support for adults who lack family support and who are in situations of vulnerability.  

According to the most recent study of the 2020 National Housing Inventory (INV), carried out by INEGI, it is the southern area of the city that is home to the largest population of adults aged 60 or over, with a total of 42,105 people, while the northern zone registers 15 thousand 578 elderly people. 

Source: Punto