Locals and foreigners in Mazatlán block Camarón Sábalo Avenue due to a wave of robberies in Sábalo Country


Following a series of armed robberies and an incident where a Canadian resident was shot during a robbery on Monday morning, residents of the Sábalo Country subdivision, a residential area adjacent to the Golden Zone of Mazatlán, protested on Tuesday morning by blocking traffic for a few minutes on Camarón Sábalo Avenue, the main road of the tourist area, in front of the Conapesca building.

While the protesters were demanding security, Mayor Édgar González Zataráin was touring the Valle Dorado subdivision on Tuesday morning to inspect the condition of the storm drain before the rainy season.

The protesters claimed they have been suffering from insecurity for months, which has increased in recent days, and they demand permanent security.

“Yesterday, Sábalo was shielded; six police trucks passed by, but that was just for yesterday, and right now I assure you there is no one, the robberies have a specific time,” said Joel Cañedo, president of the Sábalo Country residents, during the protest that began around 08:10 hours and ended a few minutes later.

“As citizens who live together, pay taxes, and want a better Mazatlán, we also have the right to be heard, to be protected, and to have security programs increased, especially since that is what is afflicting us,” stated the leader of the Sábalo Country subdivision.

“I have often reproached the acting Mayor, telling him not to allow Mazatlán to become a brothel for neighboring cities and states. Mazatlán was a family tourist site, but now people are afraid to come to Mazatlán, and we Mazatlecos are afraid to go out. The Malecón has become a bar, a floating bar, the biggest bar we have here in Mazatlán.”

On Monday morning, an armed robbery was recorded on a surveillance camera, perpetrated by two motorcyclists against a Canadian resident who was shot.

The robbery occurred at 10:00 hours, in the Sábalo Country subdivision area.

The leader of the residents said that all this brings insecurity.

“All this brings insecurity to the neighborhoods where they denigrate the most, such as the Sábalo Country subdivision, where there is purchasing power. It has cost us all a lot of effort; we spend 20, 30 years paying for our homes and we are still working, so I think it’s not fair that the authorities do not provide us with support,” he pointed out.

“We don’t have adequate lighting, the streets are in pieces, we’ve struggled with drainage, we’re having water problems, we constantly suffer from violations of land use, there are laws. We’re not against Mazatlán growing, it’s good that Mazatlán grows, the development of Mazatlán is good for all of us, but we have to grow orderly, within a rule of law, not in the way we are growing.”

The robberies

Joel Cañedo, president of the Sábalo Country residents, says Sábalo Country is unprotected.

“We’ve had years, they stop, and the most part of this was achieved when there was a police presence in the booths, but right now, from this administration onwards, they left Sábalo unprotected, there is no longer any police in the booth and I believe in several other parts as well,” he reported.

“I easily believe one or two robberies per week, but nothing happened, and I would say oh a robbery, but since I wasn’t carrying anything and it was early morning, I didn’t have anything, so they let me go. There was a lady who said all I was carrying was my dogs’ poop bag and that’s all I have if you want to take it, gentlemen.”

Criminals change anyone’s life for one peso

“And apparently at those moments, it made us laugh, but if these people can come drugged, intoxicated, and with greater needs, that they don’t care about changing anyone’s life for a peso, as long as it’s not theirs, then the situation becomes more critical,” affirmed the president of the Sábalo Country residents.

“We have had six robberies in the last two months, six armed robberies and home burglaries. When asked if they file complaints, he replied that they have a large number of reports.

“We have a number of reports, just as we report the acoustic pollution that the subdivision suffers from. We are a subdivision of working people, a family subdivision, it’s not possible that they continue to allow, give permits for parties, people arrive, rent their Airbnb, right next to all of us, from all our houses, from 6 in the evening and end at 4, 5 in the morning. The Police say that the officials from the Mayor’s office have to come, and the officials from the Mayor’s office say that the permit, we didn’t give it and we can’t enter and they all pass the buck,” stated Joel Cañedo.

“They do attend, most of the time the Public Security elements come, but they tell us we can’t enter the houses, that’s something we wanted to modify in the new plan of the Bando that was just formulated and we worked for three months until the current President shelved it and made his own regulation and put it in without touching any of these things at all.”

Source: Noreste