DIF Sinaloa successfully celebrates dinner with a cause for shelter in Mazatlán


The meeting for the benefit of the shelter “A Drop in the Ocean is headed by the president of the organization Rosy Fuentes de Ordaz

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.-. The dinner with a cause for the benefit of the “A Drop in the Ocean” shelter for the elderly, in order to raise funds for its operation, was successful and the call to join forces.

The event

The president of DIF SinaloaRosy Fuentes de Ordaz, thanked everyone for their donations since, with the proceeds, improvements can be made to the infrastructure of this shelter.

“I thank each and every one of you very much for your presence for having responded to this invitation to join us in this noble cause that is A Drop in the Ocean, undoubtedly a space that comes to relieve many older adults who are in total abandonment, as well That you, with this magical night that we hope to have here, with your donation, will make this space continue to function and continue to serve the elderly that you have there, well cared for, well eaten with medical assistance “.

Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel participated in this dinner with a cause, as well as the president of DIF Mazatlán, Gabriela Peña Chico, the president of the hostel’s board of trustees, Arturo Mercado, and the members of the DIF Sinaloa volunteer work.

Rosy Fuentes shared that this great action was carried out with the objective of raising funds to make improvements in the infrastructure of this shelter, as well as to support the medical and food expenses of the elderly who live in this nursing home.

During the event, the president of DIF Sinaloa thanked civil society, businessmen, public officials, and associations, who joined this event in order to support this cause.

She said that 16 days after the end of this administration, work continues to assist Sinaloan families through our social assistance programs.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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