Razers cannot circulate throughout Mazatlán, warns Police 


Razer-type vehicles are only allowed to travel through avenues such as Sábalo Cerritos, Camarón Sábalo, Del Mar and Paseo Claussen; in other areas such as Olas Altas, its use is restricted 

MAZATLÁN._ For tourists and locals who wish to rent a “razer” type vehicle, it should be considered that they have a limited circulation area within the urban area, mentioned the deputy director of Mazatlán Municipal Traffic, Juan Sergio Camacho Torres. 

This vehicle, which visitors like so much, is only allowed to travel through Sábalo Cerritos, Camarón Sábalo, Del Mar and Paseo Claussen avenues, as a more exact reference would be from the intersection of Paseo Claussen and Guillermo Nelson to Playa Brujas, so in Olas Altas and Cerro del Vigía restrict it. 

He pointed out that the maximum speed limit, in the tourist area where they circulate, is 40 kilometers per hour, while the number of passengers allowed varies, since there are some that are stopped or four passengers and there are larger ones, which are for six passengers and in what refers to the sound, they are also being regulated so that they do not exceed the allowed decibels. 

Camacho Torres recommended that visitors and locals who are interested in renting a “razer” during these summer vacations, abide by the rules and instructions of the tenants and the authorities. 

“The recommendations for visitors, as well as for locals, is that if they rent a ‘razer’ vehicle, drive it with a seat belt, both the driver and the companions, likewise respect the speed limits and not drive it under the effects of alcohol and respect the areas where circulation is allowed”, he said. 

“Likewise, the recommendations for those who rent them is that they do not rent it to people who do not know how to drive in this type of vehicle, who do not bring a license to drive them, so that these types of people who do not know how to drive can avoid an accident this type of vehicle,” he added. 

Regarding the rate of accidents in “razers”, the head of Municipal Transit commented that they are not so frequent, but usually, an average of two incidents are reported in the month where they are involved, the last being the one on the 25th of June. 

The last accident that a ‘razer’ had, was on June 25, 2023, it participated in a traffic event where it was affected and one person was injured and after the traffic event, it overturned, it is the last accident that a ‘razer’ of the rented ones”, he recalled. 

To rent one of these vehicles, we might think that there are many requirements, but not really, because the places that offer this service only ask you for identification, which in some places does not matter if it is not the driver’s license, then it is your signature and a lease contract, provide the address or the place where are staying and that’s it. 

The rental of these vehicles so fashionable in the port, is by the hour, the more hours, the cheaper it is, also, when it is more than an hour they offer to take it to where you are, the rental of this type of vehicle varies, If it is a simple “razer”, it goes from 1,300 to 1,600 pesos and if it is a luxury type, the rent is from 1,600 to 1,800 pesos. 

 Source: Noreste