Catamarans, boardwalk and beaches, this is what a tourist enjoys in Mazatlán 


MAZATLAN. – Traveling in Pulmonía, eating ice cream or raspados and enjoying the paradisiacal beaches are still the favorite activities for tourists to do in Mazatlán. 

it is possible to observe what tourists do on a sunny day in the port. Many prefer to take rides in pulmonia or charioteers, the typical means of tourist transportation in the “Pearl of the Pacific.” In them they travel the entire boardwalk, from Zona Dorada to Paseo de Centenario where curious seek to rent a catamaran trip to enjoy the landscape of the bay. 

Already installed in the Pearl of the Pacific and waiting to walk along the beaches, accessories to protect yourself from the sun such as hats and sunglasses are essential when posing for the souvenir photo. 

And if we talk about gastronomy, a highly recommended dessert is the ice cream that is located next to the Cathedral and why not, the original raspados from the beautiful municipality of Concordia come to add to the sweet and exquisite dishes that tourists can taste in Mazatlán. 

In addition to being delicious, these will help you calm the strong temperatures that the port is currently registering. 

Among the most visited places is Olas Altas, a place that has an unbeatable view, where there are also different monuments such as Pedro Infante, where visitors can take photos and selfies with the idol of Mexico. 

The Center and Historic Center is not far behind; They are one of the most visited in which you can find restaurants with delicious cuisine, bars, cafeterias, live music and craft stalls and more. 

Obviously, the monument to the Fisherman continues and will continue to be the favorite area for all tourists who visit the port of Mazatlán in search of adventure and unforgettable vacations. 

 Source: Punto