They expect up to 5 thousand 400 million pesos this summer in Mazatlán 


MAZATLÁN.- The longest vacation season is already running, and since it began it has been possible to observe an increase in the tourist flow in Mazatlán, or at least that is the perception in the hotel and restaurant sector. 

At present, according to the president of the Association of Hotels and Motels of Mazatlán, Carlos Berdegué Sacristan and the president of the Association of Tres Islas Hotels, José Ramón Manguart, the port is above 80 percent occupancy. 

     “From now on, expectations are very good, a minimum of 80 percent occupancy. As of this Friday, it started slowly, but it will pick up until the end of August and then comes the season of groups and conventions that is coming strong”, highlighted Berdegué Sacristán. 

Manguart Sánchez mentioned that last weekend it rebounded by reaching 85 percent, and as of Friday, July 14, it will increase, coupled with the fact that there will be a soccer game, for which it is estimated up to 95 percent, since people have channeled their reservations for weekends. 

     “It is an inventory of 12,000 rooms, plus some 8,000 condominium apartments for rent” he said. 

Up to 5 thousand 400 million pesos in economic benefits 

Meanwhile, the president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism, Roberto Lem González, stated that during the holiday period an economic benefit of up to 5.4 billion pesos is estimated, where the most benefited will be the providers of tourist services. 

     “All service items have increased considerably, public transportation, rides, restaurants in the city and rural areas, shops in general, and the Gran Acuario Mar de Cortés, which has been widely visited at the beginning of the vacation,” he said. 

On the other hand, the hotel leader stressed that they are aware of all the indications of Civil Protection, to take care of the integrity of all guests due to the hurricane season. 

     “We have already taken measures to inform guests of what is happening in anticipation of things that may happen, and for them to make a decision regarding their stay in Mazatlán or for their displacement with some prevention measures,” he explained. 

Source: Punto