Tourists from Coahuila and Nuevo León fall victims to cyber fraud in Mazatlan


240 tourists from Coahuila and Nuevo León, were victims of cyber fraud when making a reservation to stay in Mazatlan during the weekend, however upon arrival at the destination they realized that the hotel where they reserved did not exist.

Given this fact, the Secretariat for Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries and the Center for Attention and Protection of Tourists, found them a place to stay, as well as food and counseling so that they could file their corresponding legal complaint and through the DIF System, the tourists managed to get some food and water.

The head of the Sedectur, Martín Ochoa López, pointed out that the case was made known through a citizen complaint filed on Thursday, June 29th, apparently the victims used a not safe portal to make their reservation and that was how they fell victim to fraud.

The fraud did not take place in Mazatlán

For his part, Mazatlan mayor, Edgar González Zataráin, pointed out that this should not affect the image of Mazatlán since the fraud did not take place in Mazatlan, but was done through the internet. The Mayor advised travelers to communicate directly with the hotel to make a reservation and avoid unsafe websites.

Source: OEM

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