Tuna Bite ‘gets up early’ and registers for the Big Fish Mazatlán 2023


As for the Topolobampo tournament in which it became the absolute monarch, Bannya Téllez’s team opened registrations, now for the Mazatlán team

Without waiting to find out the rules of the game, the official ‘house’ or the prizes, which are in the ‘kitchen’, Tuna Bite decided to ‘get up early’ and anticipate his registration five months! for the Big Fish Mazatlán 2023 Tournament, scheduled from November 17 to 19.

The same trend -of being the first team registered several weeks in advance- was applied by the successful team led by the fierce Tabasco native, Bannya Téllez, residing in San José del Cabo (Baja California Sur), in the last Big Fish Topolobampo tournament that It took place from May 19 to 21 on the majestic boardwalk and in which she became the top figure on the podium.

And it is that, coincidence or not, on that date in Topolobampo, Tuna Bite ended up taking a full car with five prizes valued at 413 thousand 300 pesos, the largest distribution of the classic Topolobampense fair, organized by Grupo EL DEBATE on its return to the sea de Cortés after three years of absence due to the health contingency.

Tuna Bite, absolute champion in Topolobampo

Téllez, known in the art of sport fishing as the queen of the Big Game in Mexico for her multiple -and brilliant- representations in international championships, led the glorious performance in Topolobampo not only with the victory in the two days with the Best Piece that they meant 70,000 pesos each day, but with the title in the Marlin and Tuna category in the general classification, whose amounts were 100,000 and 50,000, respectively.

But things did not stop there and not satisfied with it, the Tabasco woman and team closed with a flourish by receiving, in addition, 123 thousand 300 extra pesos, product of the jackpots, in which the team decided to compete in the four possible ones of a thousand, 2 thousand, 3 thousand and 5 thousand pesos… and she hit with all the honors.

On the first day of the tournament (Saturday the 20th), Tuna Bite caught a 120.10-pound striped marlin that not only earned him the 70,000 pesos allocated, but also sent him to preliminarily lead the general classification of the category.

A day later, Téllez and her people (Teodoro Araiza and Roberto Verduzco) once again ‘turned on’ the largest marlin of the day, this time with a 108.95-pound stripe that, like Saturday, gave it an incentive of 70 thousand pesos. Thus he tied up his first 140,000 pesos.

The other 100,000 pesos he earned within the general classification of Marlin, just with that scratched 120.10 pounds that no one could beat anymore. He also received 50,000 pesos for being crowned in the general tuna division with an animal captured on Saturday that weighed 26.55 pounds.

But Tuna Bite, who already knows the waters of the Sea of Cortez by dominating the Wahoo category in the 2019 edition, went for more and obtained -as cited- the incentive of all bets, knowing what was coming. He did not clash. “We are also going to the Big Fish Mazatlán tournament (November 2023) and we are going for the win,” Téllez promised. And they complied by registering a month after the Topolobampo tournament and five months after it will take place in Mazatlán.

He did not wait to find out the details or the rules of the game, which are in process and will soon be released, to report his registration, knowing that, as always, the Big Fish Mazatlán tournament will throw ‘the house out the window’ with great prizes.

‘We are also going to win the Big Fish tournament in Mazatlán 2023,’ she said, optimistic and convinced of his faithful team by covering the 18,000 pesos of the registration fee for the boat of four fishermen. ‘We are very motivated and we reflect that motivation for Mazatlán,’ she stressed.

Source: Big Fish