Families participate in a tour for World Bicycle Day


Dozens of people participated in it and covered 3 kilometers

MAZATLAN. – With the aim of encouraging society to use the bicycle as an ecological vehicle to move around our surroundings, the La Rodada Sinaloa 2023 ¡A la bici dile sí! World Bicycle Day, which is celebrated every June 3.

This meeting was held simultaneously throughout the state, in which dozens of cyclists belonging to different clubs and associations participated with the sole purpose of sending a clear message to the rest of the citizenry: respect the citizens who go out every day from their homes to their jobs or cyclists who do it for sport.

Mayor Édgar Augusto González Zataráin expressed that these activities serve to foster the respect that must be shown towards those who use the bicycle as a means of transportation, since on many occasions motorists do not respect cycle lanes, or the distance of 1.5 meters that they must maintain.

“It is a symbolic event that has to do with mobility and culture on that subject; If you look at Mazatlán, thousands of people commute to work by bicycle. We have to work on creating a culture towards them.”

This will be the second event of its kind organized by the Secretariat of Well-being and Sustainable Development (SEBIDES), inviting attendees and those who use the bicycle as a means of transportation to participate in the activity. It should be noted that this event was held simultaneously throughout Sinaloa.

La Rodada Sinaloa 2023 Say yes to the bike!, had as a meeting point Avenida Leonismo in front of the entrance of Mazatlán Central Park; The tour began at 6:30 in the morning and later began with a 3-kilometer journey.

Source: Punto