Rescue personnel in Mazatlán ready for the next season of rains and hurricanes!


Aquatic Police, Fire Brigade and Civil Protection finished a fast water rescue course in the Picachos Dam, a scenario that resembles what could be a flood in some sector of the city.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- In order to be prepared for the next rainy and hurricane season, elements of the Aquatic Police, Mazatlán Firefighters and Municipal and State Civil Protection, went to practice in the currents of the Picachos dam their techniques of rescue.

At the end of their second day of training on the rescue of people in rapid waters, the elements of the Aquatic Police, Mazatlan Volunteer Firefighters, Municipal and State Civil Protection went to put into practice the knowledge acquired during the theoretical training on Tuesday.

The coordinator of the Aquatic Police, Gustavo Guadalupe Espinoza Bastidas, informed that the personnel who receive the certification, in addition of knowing how to identify the currents in a river or stream, will be trained to use seven different rescue methods using ropes or equipment that will count to face the next rainy season that began on May 15.

The Coordinator of the Aquatic Police indicated that practicing in the bed of a river could reflect what a flood implies, the strength of the current can be similar, in addition to the risk generated by dragging garbage and different objects carried by the flow from various sectors.

Espinoza Bastidas said that in order to better carry out the rescue work at the time it is required, the elements received equipment consisting of ropes, level 5 vests, helmets, carabiners, material that is added to the boats that the Aquatic Police have and the Mazatlan Fire Department.

The purpose of the courses is that more elements of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat have the capacity to react to any situation that arises, especially in the upcoming rainy and hurricane season.

Source: Linea Directa