The hotel industry in Sinaloa grows and grows, reports the CIT


The executive director of the Sinaloa Center for Investment and Commerce reported that little by little Los Mochis has aroused hotel interest in its new industry

MAZATLÁN.- The hotel sector in Sinaloa is growing, especially in Mazatlán as a tourist destination, but also in Culiacán for its business area and in Los Mochis for its industrial area, reported Germán Rivera, executive director of the Center for Investment and Commerce of Sinaloa.

He mentioned that the CIT has followed up on at least 24 projects that are under construction, their permits or their interest in investing in the state, with hotel brands such as Hilton and Hyatt.

“This year we will have two chains with their main brand, that is, Marriot, Hyatt or Hilton and not an extension like we have Hilton with Double Three, what has happened? Above all, Mazatlán is maturing and bringing higher level chains and we laid the foundations to close the business, ”he declared.

Germán Rivera pointed out that of these 24, 3 projects are already in full development, with exponential dynamics growth, where the CIT has the function of accelerating the generation of opportunities and decision-making.

In the case of Mazatlán, the executive director and hotel expert, reported that luxury hotels are turning to see Mazatlán, this after the arrival of the Dreams hotel, which is being built in the southern zone in the Estrella de Mar, which has made important resorts seek to settle soon.

“The arrival of Dreams will be a showcase with luxury brands, our challenge is to bring more value resorts, boutique hotels with rates of 400 to 500 dollars a night because Mazatlan is already maturing in this regard,” he said.

Of these hotel chains, he expressed, at least two are already established in Sinaloa, hoping that little by little each city will have its very specific hotel segment and a greater economic flow will be generated.

Source: Punto