Aquatic Police attends to three tourists on the beaches of Mazatlán


The coordinator calls bathers to abide by the lifeguard instructions and respect the flags

Mazatlán, Sin.- Three different attentions were part of the first day of operation that the Municipal Public Security Secretariat through the Aquatic Police launched on the beaches of Mazatlán.

The coordinator Gustavo Guadalupe Espinoza Bastidas reported that the different beach areas registered a large influx of people on Wednesday.

He explained that the group carried out three interventions, in the first one a tourist from Chihuahua was pulled by an ocean current, she required support to keep her afloat.

Being on dry land, it was not necessary to transfer her to a hospital.

The weather recorded during the afternoon generated bursts of wind, this situation was the factor for two people from Zacatecas, who were kayaking, to be pulled out to sea on the beaches of Isla de la Piedra.

With Jetsky’s support they were saved; they only had a nervous breakdown.

During the prevention and recommendation tours carried out by the elements, they provided medical care to a 57-year-old woman from Saltillo.

The report detailed that the person fell from her own height, and she presented back pain; paramedics from a private clinic took her to her facilities for medical evaluation.

The coordinator of the Aquatic Police called on visitors to abide by the instructions of the lifeguards and respect the flags that are located in the beach areas.

“Self-care also helps you avoid risky situations, it is also important to be attentive to the information that is generated about the weather situation of the day,” he said.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan