Closure of beaches in Mazatlán? Here we tell you the hours


In search of having better security on the beaches of Mazatlán, the Aquatic Police announced schedules for bathers

MAZATLAN. – Ready to enjoy the Mazatlan beaches this Holy Week? If so, you should take into account that there will be established schedules, since, if you are one of those who likes to go into the sea after hours and with a few drinks on you, don’t even think about it, because elements of the Aquatic Police will be monitoring the areas to remove to the people of the beaches at certain times, and if they are reluctant they will be referred before the civic judge of the Court of Barandilla.

The commander of the Aquatic Police in Mazatlan, Gustavo Espinoza Bastidas, mentioned that there will be two elements that will monitor all the points with different rounds, to remove all people from the beaches starting at 8:00 p.m., and that at At 9:00 p.m. no one is left on the sand, much less in the sea.

“There will be two elements, the same ones that will be carrying out tours throughout the entire tourist strip to provide surveillance, for all those people who like to go into the sea at odd hours and outside normal hours,” he said.

He mentioned that before removing the people who are found at inappropriate hours, they will be invited and recommended to all those bathers that they cannot be on the beach and that they have to leave, but if they were reluctant, they would be referred to the civic judge.

The official stressed that all those people who are referred before the civic judge of the Court of Barandilla, will be taken to the facilities of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, which is located in the Citizen Security Center, in the Huertos Familiares neighborhood.

He added that these two elements will remain permanently making corresponding tours for the remainder of 2023, seeking to provide better service to both locals and visitors.

Safe and dangerous beaches in Mazatlan

Just as there are some safe points along the coast, there are also points that have dangerous conditions and where the tide rises too much, since Mazatlán has more than 20 kilometers of beach.

One of the safest areas is Playa Pinitos, where locals usually take their little ones, as well as dozens of families who come there to be by the sea, since, although it is a quiet area, you cannot forget which is a rocky site.

In contrast, Playa Brujas is one of the areas with complicated marine currents, like the beaches to the north of the city, because it is open sea, so extreme care is advised.

While Olas Altas is an area very frequented by locals and strangers, but before entering it, you have to ask the lifeguards, since it has many changes.

Among the safest beaches for bathing in Mazatlán are in front of the Sands Las Arenas hotel, as well as those found in Isla de la Piedra, Pueblo Bonito, Costa de Oro and in front of the Gaviana Hotel.