Discounts ‘everywhere’ to travel by bus


The general manager of the Mazatlán Bus Station, Álvaro Peña, informed that the discounts begin this Monday, April 3

MAZATLÁN.- If you are a student or the elderly, this vacation you will have a discount on the rates at the Mazatlán Bus Station.

Álvaro Peña, general manager of the Mazatlán Bus Station, reported that the discount rate will be 50 percent and will begin this Monday, April 3, until the end of the Easter holiday period.

The only requirement is your student ID or the card that identifies you as an older adult, for any bus line and for any destination, as long as you manage to comply with the official requirement.

It is the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation that authorizes the discounts of 50 and 25 percent, 50 porcent for students and 25 percent for teachers who travel by federal passenger buses or trains transport.

The discounts will be valid from April 3 to April 14 of this year, that is, Holy Week and Easter; These are the educational systems that will have a discount:

-Integrated to the education systems of the SEP

-Address or departments of education in the federal entities



-Universities across the country

-Institutes, free schools of law, commerce and homeopathy

-College of Bachelors