Passengers at the Mazatlán bus station drops by 25 percent


-January effect lowers ticket sales.

After having good ticket sales at the bus station, in races within the state, and other cities in the country during December, the demand for tickets fell by 25 percent.

The general manager of the Mazatlán bus station, Álvaro Peña Torres, recalled that in the past holiday season they registered up to 200 daily operations and today they reach 160, which is a reflection of the impact of the so-called January effect since the people are very worn out and have no income to travel.

He said that the expectations for mid-February are to increase sales, due to the tentative proximity of the Mazatlan international carnival party, since if this takes place they could again have the same operations that they obtained at the closing of the year.

Álvaro Peña Torres commented that the Mazatlán bus station has not lowered its guard in any way regarding pandemic issues due to the new wave of covid 19 in the city.

He stated that they are acting in a more rigid way, there is even a COVID room by a transport company, where there is also a doctor to attend to the workers.

He said that all sanitary measures around and inside the plant are maintained, complying with them to the letter, because health is not played with.


The Mazatlan Post