Deputy Prosecutor’s Office commits to investigate “with everything” disappearance of Aimé Joanna in Mazatlán


Deputy prosecutor meets with relatives of the young woman who has disappeared since last Saturday, April 1 and promises to help them in the investigation

Mazatlán, Sin.- The Deputy Prosecutor’s Office in the southern zone undertook to investigate the disappearance of the young Aimé Joanna Millán Estrada, who disappeared on April 1 from the Lomas de San Jorge subdivision.

After meeting with Deputy Prosecutor Jesús Arnoldo Serrano Castelo, relatives of the 22-year-old girl, led by her aunt Yolanda, expressed their confidence that Aimé Joanna would appear.

– What did the Deputy Prosecutor commit to?

“To help us, is all I can tell you.”

– Is there any lead, any investigation?

“She’s already supposed to be under investigation.”

– Is there already a research folder?

“That’s it,” said the aunt of the missing young woman.

Mrs. Yolanda said that they are going to wait for the action and response of the authorities, especially since it is just beginning the investigation into the disappearance of Aimé Joanna.

Likewise, she showed her confidence that the disappearance of her niece will be resolved.

Accompanied by dozens of relatives, friends of Aimé and residents of the union of Agua Caliente de Gárate, from Concordia, they held a demonstration at 05:00 in the afternoon in the Letras de Mazatlán, next to the Valentinos, in the lane of North to South of Avenida del Mar, where they demanded the appearance of the young Aimé Johana.

Minutes later they began a march from the Letters of Mazatlán to the Vice Prosecutor’s Office.

Previously, they made a stop at the Investigation Police building, where they asked the State Government for its help in finding the missing young woman, and they asked it not to leave them alone in this search.

Subsequently, they marched towards the Deputy Prosecutor’s Office, in the Administrative Unit building, where after asking for the appearance of Aimé Joanna, the authority received the relatives at the offices of the Deputy Prosecutor’s Office.

Source: Linea Directa