‘Konnichiwa’ to Japanese investment in Sinaloa along with the industrial boom


The president of CODESIN in Sinaloa, Jorge García Félix mentioned that this 2023 will be a crucial year to materialize foreign investment in manufacturing and supply

MAZATLAN. – Japanese industrial investors are already looking at Sinaloa to expand their manufacturing and supply businesses, as an option given the strengthening of the industrial “boom”, reported Jorge García Félix, president of the Council for Economic Development of Sinaloa.

He mentioned that, in a tour of Tokyo, Japan, CODESIN and the Center for Investment and Commerce in Sinaloa met with at least 10 Japanese companies, with the idea of promoting Sinaloa with logistics projects that are already under development and that the state is more than a farmer place.

“We want to start a fertile environment in terms of human capital, we have had several meetings and it is one of our pillars, human capital with the universities, in such a way that we have to plant from now on”, he declared.

Germán Rivera, executive director of the CIT, explained that of the 10 companies that they visited, 9 are already established in Mexico, with a view to expanding, therefore, Sinaloa could enter their list of options to bet on, especially with the Mazatlán projects. Logistics Center and the Aerospace Park.

Of those companies that visited, he pointed out that at least three will visit Mexico and perhaps visit Sinaloa to learn about the areas of opportunity.

“The strategy is to build a supply base for manufacturing companies, plastic injection parts, molding materials such as aluminum, steel, machined; In this way, having this base, we can supply the assemblers, it is the strategy, for example, with Tesla, ”he said.

Among the characteristics presented to each Japanese company are Sinaloan human capital, the availability of industrial spaces, logistics, energy availability, business scenario and incentive packages.

Currently, the president of CODESIN added that four international companies have already confirmed their investment in the state since last year: GPO Fertilizer Plant in Topolobampo, with an investment of approximately 5 billion dollars; Mexinol and two other companies that are distributed in other areas of Sinaloa.

Source: Punto MX