Children carry out beach cleaning in Mazatlán


Mazatlán, Sin.- With the objective of raising awareness and that the new generations take the message and the commitment to take care of the environment, this Friday a beach cleanup was carried out in Mazatlán in the Cerritos area.

The activity was headed by the current Children’s Council, chaired by the child Karim Israel Arellano Gutiérrez and made up of the Ombudsman, Naydelyn Tiarett Chavira Serrano, as well as 12 child councilors and students from the Luis Donaldo Colosio elementary school.

The result of the tour was the collection of 30 kilograms of solid waste, including paper, plastic bags, PET and glass bottles, as well as some clothing, footwear and cookie packaging and disposable cutlery.

In the separation of waste, a quantity of just over 400 cigarette butts could be counted, thus avoiding a strong contamination of the ocean water, since a single one of them can contaminate up to 10 liters of salt water.

The appointment was in the Cerritos area, at the mouth of the Estero del Yugo, from where the director of the Beach Operator and Administrator, Luis Fernando Ortiz Genis, called on children to take care of the environment.

“The garbage reaches the beach through us, all of us who come to visit with our families, our friends, the garbage that we bring to the beach we have to take back with us and if we can help by taking a little more, well, even better, then in this cleanup we are going to find large and small waste”, he said.

Prior to the tour, the president of the DIF Mazatlán, María Teresa Apodaca de González, stated that one of the intentions they have in the call for the Children’s Council is for children to participate in activities that generate an important change for their environment, in this case, so by cleaning this area, they can convey the message to family and friends about the importance of collecting garbage.

“We have to raise awareness of how important it is to leave it clean, because the cycle of life can be spoiled and children like you are going to grow up and be adults and perhaps the world deteriorates by ourselves, because we don’t take care of it. This is an example of that,” he said.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan