Take precautions, today roads continue to be closed for the Mazatlán triathlon


Mazatlán, Sin. – This Saturday some roads in Mazatlán will be closed to traffic on the occasion of the AsTRI 2023 International Triathlon that takes place in the port, so the recommendation is that if you have something to do on Avenida Del Mar, Paseo Claussen or Paseo de las Olas Altas, take your precautions and leave your home on time.

The Secretary of Public Security of Mazatlán, through the Municipal Transit Sub directorate, reported that the operation implemented since this Friday because of the sporting event, will continue Saturday.

The circulation of Del Mar Avenue, Paseo Claussen and Paseo Olas Altas will be suspended from 4:00 in the morning in both directions until Valentino.

In addition, arteries such as Reforma and Leonismo Internacional will also be affected by being part of the event’s cycling route. This section will be open at 12:00 noon.

The sections that include the Escudo to Gutiérrez Nájera, as well as Rafael Domínguez to Valentino will open until after noon.

To avoid congestion, the deputy director of Municipal Transit, Juan Sergio Camacho Torres, asked citizens to circulate on alternate routes.

One of them is Ejército Mexicano avenue, where a special operation will be implemented to give fluidity to circulation, since it will be one of the main arteries to be used as an alternate route. It is expected that after 2 in the afternoon everything will return to normal.

In the AsTRI 2023 International Triathlon, 900 of the best competitors from Mexico and other countries participate in search of reaching the 2023 Central American and Pan American Games.

The tour in the sea will be in front of the Monument to the Pescador at 7 in the morning, with a bike ride and a run on foot in Paseo Claussen, Del Mar avenue and Olas Altas.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan