One of the longest boardwalks in the world is in Mazatlan


It is the main stage of the Mazatlan International Carnival parade and one of the main and favorite attractions of tourism.

MAZATLAN. – One of the main attractions of the port is undoubtedly the boardwalk, the scene of the Mazatlan International Carnival parade, a place to jog, ride a bike, and even walk. Here we will tell you a little about its history.  

The boardwalk did not start as a recreation area, its original idea was for a dam to avoid flooding problems in the city in the 1830s, and later an embankment was built that was used as an urban and recreational space.  

The first section was what we know today as Old Mazatlán, that is, Olas Altas. This space was one of the first with public lighting and is one of the most representative areas and, to this day, is usually visited every day by local families and tourists.  

Of modifications and modernization 

By the time of the Mexican Revolution, in 1910, the Malecón was extended in what is now Paseo del Centenario, Paseo Claussen, from Olas Altas to the Cerro del Crestón section, and from Olas Altas to where Del Mar Avenue begins. .  

In 2005, 5 kilometers of Malecón sidewalk were widened, the benches were removed and the stainless steel railing and stilts were placed, and the design of the Malecón floor simulated ocean waves. 

In 2014 the modernization turned towards the tropicalization of the place and the first illuminated palm trees were placed. There were 350 palm trees that, along Avenida Del Mar and Paseo Claussen, lit up at sunset; In addition, marble benches were painted, due to the lack of places to sit.  

In 2017, the coastal promenade was remodeled again, hydraulic concrete was placed, the central parking lot of the median was eliminated, the railings were removed and the original idea was retaken, in addition, a bike path was adapted, which currently runs from Valentino’s to El Clavadista.  

One of the longest in the world 

Walking the entire boardwalk is part of the recreational and sports activity of many and is considered one of the longest in the world, with just over 7 kilometers, from the letters of Mazatlán to Paseo Olas Altas.  

Along with this, you can see, in addition to the sea and the three islands, endless monuments, emblematic pieces of the port that mark the history of the port; there is the monument to the family of Antonio López Sáenz, the one with pneumonia, the one with sea lions, the Monument to the Fisherman, the Continuity of Life, Ferrusquilla, José Alfredo Jiménez, the Mazatlan woman and even Pedro Infante.  

Source: Sedetur

In addition, there are spaces to rest, eat something or just contemplate the landscape, such as Playa Norte or Playa Pinitos, where oysters, coconuts, and even lobsters are sold. There is also the Sánchez Taboada square with El Clavadista, a show that only the intrepid are encouraged to perform, and if you continue on your way you will reach Olas Altas, where there are cafes, bars, and restaurants that stand out in the place.  

And if you want to walk more, continue along Paseo Claussen until you reach the lighthouse and dare to climb Cerro del Crestón to end your afternoon with a panoramic view of everything you walked.  


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