With broker certification, Stelarhe seeks to stop real estate fraud


47 real estate professionals were certified, where each of them meets an ideal profile

MAZATLAN. – Stelarhe continues to create synergies with different real estate agencies locally, nationally and even abroad, with the aim of projecting Mazatlán as one of the most ambitious destinations in the real estate and tourism sector.

This has led the project to create different strategies to give certainty to its potential customers. How? Alfredo Reynaga Chicuate, Stelarhe’s sales manager, reported that real estate brokers originating from different companies were recently certified so that they can sell and promote Stelarhe in a safe and professional manner.

He pointed out that there are currently “agents” who are taking advantage of the real estate boom and who are beginning to abuse the trust of clients, who do not know that there will soon be a real estate license in Sinaloa.

“We are making alliances with those brokers that have economic solvency, above all they have moral support and that have a track record in Mazatlán so that this gives clients certainty that they have an alliance with Stelarhe and, in this way, receive the attention they deserve and not fall for scams or fraud.”

In total, 47 real estate brokers received a certification; each one of them meets a suitable profile that accredits them as sellers of the project and as collaborators in the ARHE Group alliance.

“We want them to share the success that the project is having and that they also participate in the next projects that Grupo ARHE has in mind right now, especially the Mazatlán Logistics Center, so that they also continue supporting the projects that are coming in 2024.”

North tower

Alfredo Reynaga Chicuate explained that the north tower of Stelarhe has already been practically sold in its entirety, so the next step is to continue promoting the sale of the south tower with discounts for construction prices.

One of the benefits of this tower is that it has a view to the sea, but also to the city, and it is ideal for people who are looking for a little more tranquility, since it is a little further away from the hustle and bustle of the Mazatlan boardwalk.

Source: Punto.mx