Real estate developers unite to plan water infrastructure


The managers of real estate projects that seek to settle in the northern area of the city will work together with JUMAPAM

Mazatlán continues to expand its borders with new real estate projects, but this growth also represents a great challenge for the water infrastructure in the port.

Reason that has led real estate developers to seek an option to work together with the Mazatlán Municipal Water and Sewerage Board to guarantee that they can have the services infrastructure they require.

Grupo ARHE, Finamex, Monte Ophir and Grupo Universal held the work meeting with the engineer Enrique Torres Rodríguez, manager of Physical Planning, and the architect Sergio Tirado Escobosa, head of the Department of Studies and Projects of JUMAPAM, where the plans shown were the layout of the hydraulic and sanitary infrastructure, as well as the roads that are projected for the northern area of the city.

The objective of this meeting was to begin planning what Mazatlán will need in the future to be prepared.

María del Carmen Castellón expressed that the executive project will be carried out with the financial collaboration of the representatives, once the budget for the executive project is available, there will be another meeting where the legal terms to resolve the financing of the project will be discussed.

“The meeting was to review the feasibility of a technical draft for the distribution of drinking water for the new real estate projects in the area Habal Cerritos, those responsible for the new real estate and technical projects reviewed the draft, which was presented by one of the developers and the technical planning manager of JUMAPAM”, he explained.

The general manager of JUMAPAM, Jorge González Naranjo, highlighted that they work together with the developers to grow in an orderly manner to not have the current problems, since it suffers from a problem that is already over 50 years old, but it is time to see the future and not continue dragging the current problems into the coming years.

“What is being sought is to plan what is going to be use in 10 years to go and doing it to not to be putting in a 24 tube and after a while the demand grows and to open to put in the 30 tube”, he stated.