General Hospitals of Sinaloa will change their name to “IMSS-Bienestar”


The State Health Secretary reported that, finally, the hemodialysis area will be adapted to the current General Hospital of Mazatlán after three years of relocating.

MAZATLAN, SINALOA. – The Secretary of Health in Sinaloa, Cuitláhuac González Galindo, reported that the general hospitals of Los Mochis, Culiacán, and Mazatlán will go to the IMSS-Wellness program after a Federal Government decree.

He mentioned that, initially, these hospitals were not contemplated, but after an analysis of the agreements of this program it was decided that they were and only the prevention and specialty hospitals will remain in charge of the state.

 "Initially we had considered that the three largest general hospitals and the specialized ones would remain in the Ministry of Health, however, a new agreement was presented and it was decided that these three generals would go to IMSS-Bienestar," he declared.

On the outskirts of the General Hospital of Mazatlán “Dr. Martiniano Carvajal” a banner was installed explaining the transition to this program, which, according to the state official, will improve the quality of services and the supply of medicines.

What remains in the hands of the Ministry of Health?

González Galindo specified that the state agency will be in charge of prevention institutions, as well as specialties such as the Maternity and Women’s Hospital, the Oncology Center, the Dermatology Center, and the Pediatric Hospital.

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At last, there will be a new hemodialysis zone in Mazatlán

The Secretary of Health in Sinaloa explained that the General Hospital of Mazatlán “Dr. Martiniano Carvajal” will have, after three years, a new area for hemodialysis, with an approximate resource of three million pesos, to be tendered in the coming days.

Currently, the hemodialysis area is in the old area of the General Hospital, in the Santa Elena neighborhood, and around 45 patients receive care.

Source: Punto.MX

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