The Northern-Coastal Circuit will go from Sinaloa to Tamaulipas


The director of Tourism in the city of Durango mentioned that the project was presented years ago but that they want it to be resumed from Sinaloa to Tamaulipas

MAZATLÁN.- Mexico is full of tourist attractions that attract foreigners and to increase the influx, they seek to resume the Northern-Coastal Circuit that will go from Sinaloa to Tamaulipas, crossing the entire Northern Economic Corridor.

Elvira Silerio Díaz, director of Tourism in Durango, mentioned that this project had been presented a couple of years ago, with the aim of increasing tourist mobility to the north of the country, just as it is done in the south, as the circuits of Yucatan, Quintana Roo and Campeche or Chiapas and Oaxaca.

“These types of routes are very common in the south of the country, many times tourist visit up to three states in one circuit, but in the north, it is less common, but we want to use things in common to increase the flow of visitors,” she declared.

Silerio Díaz pointed out that within this project it is sought that each state take out its best attractions and offer them within the stays or overnight stays, which are often done when you go from one place to another by road, and that on this trip you take advantage of visit and learn about what northern Mexico has to offer.

“We have spoken with Coahuila, with Nuevo León… also obviously Tamaulipas, at one point the proposal for a route that we want to resume was made, which was the Northern-Coastal route that runs from Mazatlán to Tamaulipas, we are going to see if we can recover it”.

The director of Tourism of the city of Durango, pointed out that these circuits are precisely what help Mexico to remain in the ranking of the most visited countries, especially between states that have attractions and intertwined stories, and Mexico is special to achieve it.

“It seems essential to me that we continue to coordinate, Durango and Mazatlán above all complement each other, when we go to promote in the United States, people who spend the whole winter here in Mazatlán look for options that do not hit their pocket and Durango is an option”, he commented.

According to the World Tourism Organization, Mexico ranked fourth among the countries most visited by tourism in 2022, a year of challenges for the world after the economic recovery due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mexico went from position 7 in 2019 to being in the top five since 2021, being one of the countries that launched campaigns to increase tourism visits after the confinement, in addition, it was one of the countries that did not close borders, nor via land, or air.