They collect 780 tons of garbage per day during Carnival festivities


The increase has been 25% compared to what is normally collected

Mazatlán, Sin.- The generation and collection of garbage has increased up to 25% in the city, regarding the celebration of Carnival, said the head of Public Services.

Karla Camacho Guzmán mentioned that of the 600 tons that are collected daily on average, these last three days an extra 170 to 180 tons have been collected.

For this Sunday, the day of the parade, she added that an increase of 35 to 40% is expected, that is about 240 tons.

The municipal official explained that the cleaning operation in the Carnival area begins at 3 in the morning, from Olas Altas to Valentinos and the entrances.

Around 200 workers participate, mainly sweepers, not only from Urban Cleaning, but also from Parks and Gardens. while in the rest of the city the service is being covered with 45 routes.

“Not only with cleaning but also with washing, it is important to wash all the monuments, photo booths, those corners where people cannot go to the bathroom, we want to give a good impression to tourists and respect the settler who lives there in that area,” he added.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan