The Ultimate Mazatlán Vacation Round-Up


For domestic and international travelers alike, Mazatlán is a top destination for vacation-goers. The area is known for its scenic adventures and coastal lifestyle. Like many other tropical getaways, it’s billed as a carefree destination that lets people escape their busy lives.

But as any locals know, there’s a lot more to Mazatlán than relaxing beaches and day trips designed to get off the beaten path. However, for any foreigners visiting, it might take a few recommendations for them to find the activities that are really worth their time… and their money. 

If you’re heading to Mazatlán to take a vacation, then consider the tips listed below related to nightlife, water activities, guided tours, and daytime getaways.

A Question of Nightlife

Mazatlán is known for its nightlife, but if you’re heading to the area, then be mindful about which activities you seek out. In general, because Mazatlán offers so many daytime wonders, it’s best to stay in at night to conserve energy and funds. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to sit around your hotel room bored. Mazatlán is home to a few different casinos, including Casino Monte Carlo and Midas Casino. Both are great options for anyone looking for a bit of nightlife, as they often host concerts and other entertaining performances. However, keep in mind that a trip to a brick-and-mortar casino can be quite pricey.

That’s where it’s important to consider nightlife from a variety of perspectives. If you’re trying to catch some downtime after a long day and save money, then there’s another option for entertainment: a virtual casino. Mazatlán’s hotels have leading internet connections, which means you can just as easily find an online casino to play at.

For example, leading platforms offer four types of online roulette, including European and American variations. Roulette is a top choice because it doesn’t require quite as much hard-boiled thinking as poker or blackjack. This means you can find all the excitement of an in-person casino experience—just without the same level of noise or the same price tags. And in Mazatlán, saving a bit of energy and money can go a long way.

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Sticking to the Water

That’s because Mazatlán is one of the world’s leading water activity destinations, specifically for big fish hunters and whale watchers. Regardless of what you plan to do on Mazatlán’s extensive coast, you’re going to want to set aside some funds for a truly unforgettable experience. 

This might include tours to Islas de las Piedras or the Golden Zone, which offer unparalleled views of nature. It might also mean a longer trip, including a Ten Islands expedition or a kayaking trip on the river. Regardless of what intrigues you about the beach, you should plan to design your trip around these experiences—and certainly to budget for them.

Guided Tours & Hidden Gems

Staying in for a night and playing a virtual title like roulette is an easy way to stay entertained and rested. But what about during the day when there’s a gap in your itinerary? With most of your budget focused on water adventures, it’s easy to forget about inland tours—but Mazatlán has plenty of these, as well.

If you want to explore the city, then you can take Segway tours or even ATV tours that explore the area’s highlights. They might also target some of Mazatlán’s greatest spots, like the observatory, El Faro lighthouse, Old Mazatlán’s restored buildings, and streets, or even the aquarium. These are top choices for those who want to sample the local culture. 

However, Mazatlán’s country roads also include some worthwhile adventures. More guided tours are popping up from locals, which take visitors to villages like El Quelite and others in the Sierra Madre. Of course, there are also adventure tours, like a ziplining experience in the forest, and even tours of tequila factories. Though less pricey than water-based activities, these experiences should also be booked beforehand to help you budget.

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