Celestino Gasca go for an ecotourism and sustainability. What is this about?


The restaurant owner, Vicky Ibarra, explained that they are in the process of forming a decentralized body to regulate the new buildings that seek to settle on this beach.

MAZATLAN. – Do you know Celestino Gasca? It is a beach in the municipality of Elota that is seeking to be sustainable and ecotourism, how? With the creation of a regulatory body where the development of the destination is respected.

The restaurant owner Vicky Ibarra mentioned that Celestino is the second beach destination with the most hotels in Sinaloa, only after Mazatlán, it has 11 different accommodations, however, the rule is that they need to be rustic and environmentally friendly.

We are working together with the municipality and the Ministry of Tourism to create an organism that regulates this, our main requirement has always been that all the changes that are made in Celestino related to any issue be attached to the Law, to take care of nature she declared.

The idea, she said, is not to oppose new investments, as long as it continues as a destination to rest, relax and natural, since they do not want it to become an Altata or Mazatlán, but rather a space to see the stars and just listen to the sound of the sea.

“Celestino has already been impacted because it is a relatively young town, it is 47 years old and it is the second tourist destination in Sinaloa with most hotels, it has been impacted for 8 years to date, it has more and more investment, there are two hotels planned for this year, we should take care that it is regulated, ” she said.

Currently, she added, they have the “Celestino is the Destination” collective, where they precisely promote the regulation of new investments, work on noise issues, protection of the turtle camp, protection of marine species and other things.

It will remain as a resting destination

For María del Refugio Pérez Burgueño, director of Elota’s Special Projects, Celestino is and will be an ecotourism destination and if they will work on the issue of investment regulation, especially that they respect specific guidelines such as number of homes, among other things.

“The hotels that are there have the same rustic line, they have certain variations. Rules must be made if you want to control it you have to regulate it. Most of the people who are going to Celestino and who are buying are going there for the weekend to rest,” she commented.

Currently, she expressed, the construction of a housing complex has been authorized, which will consist of 24 houses, however, she remarked, they will have to respect construction guidelines in favor of the environment.

Recently, she reported, a private investor requested permits for the construction of a tower, however, the authorities put it on hold, precisely because it is not the style they seek to give Celestino Gasca touristically.

Source: Punto.mx