Oops! The northern area of Mazatlán grows… but with different problems


Implan, in coordination with the municipality, will work on the creation of projects to mitigate the development problems that the place has had

MAZATLÁN.- In 2023, the priority for the Municipal Planning Institute (Implan) will be to work on the implementation of strategic projects to mitigate the problem of accelerated growth in the northern area of Mazatlán.

Leticia Alvarado Fuentes, head of Implan, explained that the northern part of the city grows every day, but not gradually but rather exponentially, a situation that, far from benefiting the port, is harming it because most real estate projects decide to build there.

“It is growing a lot there, and they are areas that we must take care of and see what uses are compatible with that area.”

Since it is the favorite area for the construction of new towers and subdivisions, Implan will formulate strategies to reduce environmental impact to minimum.

Mayor Édgar Augusto González Zataráin expressed that they will join Implan to work together, and in the same way, the area to be served will be the northern zone.

“We are seeing how we are going to work with planning, Implan and Jumapam, we have to define how far the urban development of the city has to be because there is a subdivision, here is another, and that for public services is very expensive and all because there is no regulations”.

The municipal president made it clear that he is not against Mazatlán continuing to grow if each project complies with the regulations stipulated by the Department of Urban Development and Planning.

In fact, the Municipal Council recently approved a new construction regulation, this new regulation represents new advances in the field of construction because it will seek that all works are carried out with responsibility, supervision, and vigilance.

One of the key points is that in order to launch a project, the Planning Department will rigorously request, and without excuses, environmental impact studies by Semarnat and Civil Protection to bring the city to order.

Source: Punto.mx