Tourists receive 2023 with open arms in Mazatlán


Visitors have packed not only the hotels and restaurants, but also every corner of the port.

Undoubtedly, the port continues to give a pleasant and warm face to visitors, being the destination of choice, for more fun, music and relaxation, to spend time with friends, family and a few cold beers.

The question that everyone is constantly asking is, who can stop Mazatlan? The port has attractions that have become popular, its Malecón, with recreational spaces, is one of the favorites of visitors.

One of the things that tourists look for the most is to be able to say goodbye to the year with a dip in the sea and that is because, as they say, “Life is best at sea”, and a good bath refreshes your ideas.

The Commander of the Aquatic Rescue Squad in Mazatlan, Gustavo Espinoza Bastidas, explained that the operations have been very intense in recent days, from Punta Cerritos to Isla de la Piedra, to give confidence to the visitor who walks the beaches.

“The elements are on foot, on motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis and a boat that carries out inspection tours. There are more than 20 elements of the Rescue Squad, which participate,” he indicated.

The gastronomy that Mazatlán has is also a charm that makes everyone fall in love.

Others also take advantage of the long Malecón to do the last exercise routine of 2022, to sunbathe and recharge their batteries or simply to reflect on what the old year was like and welcome the new cycle.